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Programme Thursday

 powerpoint presentations

 challenge sessions 

20/20 talks

09.00-18.00 | Exhibition open
 | Plenary Session - Keynote and Interactive Panel Discussion - Auditorium 2

Moderator | Simone van Trier

Keynote speech on shared mobility and Mobility as a Service | Ananda Groag from shareNL
ShareNL is the international knowledge and network platform for the sharing economy. As a shared mobility expert Ananda Groag consults, presents, researches and brainstorms about the future of (shared) transportation, MaaS and related topics.

In 2015, she brought together 42 organisations in a private-public partnership to grow car sharing together. Amongst other projects, she introduced a yearly Benelux car sharing conference and launched and manages an independent news & knowledge website about car sharing (

She developed an interest for mobility at TomTom, working with navigation, maps, fleet management, real-time traffic data and the taxi industry. Ananda practises what she preaches and does not own a car. She seamlessly combines different modes of transportation.

In her speech she will address question such as: How does the future of transportation look from a sharing economy perspective? If boundaries between consumer and producer, public and private blur, how does that affect the mobility landscape? Ananda Groag from shareNL takes us on a journey to explore the potential of shared mobility towards an automated future.

Interactive panel discussion on next steps in public-private cooperation, integral approach, behavioural insights and customized mobility.

• Caspar de Jonge - Beter Benutten
• Marcel Rommerts - European Commission - INEA
• Christophe Reuter - Ministry of Infrastructure Luxemburg
• Hubert Mackus - Province of Limburg
• Denis Florack - MUMC+
• Martje Hoofs - Q-Park

During the panel discussion the audience will also be polled for their opinion.

10.30-11.00 | Coffee break - Trajectum

11.00-12.30 | Focus session B

Room 2.1
P1 - What makes a city liveable?
Construction cycling cities | Chair: Sofie Walschap 
• Active participation in urban cycling planning| Jolina Vermeulen – Traject mobility management 
• What identifies the best city for cyclists in Sweden and how do we to get there? | Teresa Uggla Kerrou - Uppsala municipality, Oscar Forss - Uppsala municipality
• Cycle parking for residents - A hot spot for your bike | Elke Franchois - Mobiel 21
Limburg’s integral bicycle approach | Bas Braakman - Province of Limburg

Room 2.7/2.8
P3 - Behavioural insights: how rational are we? 
Actions for mental changes | Chair: Hans Voerknecht
• Reality-TV show promoting sustainable mobility: Fact or a Fable? | Anu Tuominen - VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
• The Mobility Ambassadors - Rémi Duruf - Métropole AixMarseilleProvence
• Communication as a tool in the choice of mobility | Irene Smeets - Maastricht Bereikbaar, Esther de Lange – Goed Op Weg Utrecht
• The IMMA framework - behaverioul change in mobility | Paul Potters – Beter Benutten, Ron Peerenboom

Room 2.9/2.10
P5 - Quo Vadis MaaS? Towards a smart mix of collective and individual services 
Next steps for MAAS | Chair: Robert Stüssi
• Insights from the ongoing MaaS evolution in Sweden | Maria Coulianos – Västtrafik, Adam Laurell - Samtrafiken
• MaaS = Sharing | Friso Metz - Advier 
• MaaS for the last smile in Bulgaria | Lucia Ilieva - CSDCS

Room 0.8
K1 - What makes a city liveable (20/20)
Liveable cities - sound bites
• How to wake up the Sleeping Beauty? Renewal of the local bus service based on SUMP in Zalaegerszeg | András Ekés – MOBILISSIMUS, Zsófia Sipos - MOBILISSIMUS, Antal Gertheis - MOBILISSIMUS
• "Free on Friisgatan": Celebrating public space during the European Mobility Week 2016 | Tina Giannopoulou - City of Malmö
• Mobility Management Training | Sofie De Laender - Brussels Mobility, Barabara Bautmans - Environment Brussels
• An adaptable mobility plan for an urban area event venue | Michiel De Meyere - Scelta Mobility 
• Responsive Urban Mobility: Facilitating Cyclists | Monique Harmsen - LumiGuide
• How can a University campus contribute to the liveability of a city? | Hidde Westerweele - NHTV, Emma Turkenburg - NHTV

Room 2.11&2.14
C3 - Behavioural insights: how rational are we? 

To cyle or not to cycle - weather conditions | Chair: Jörg Thiemann-Linden
• CyclingWinter: Using Social Media in Promoting Year-Round Cycling | Martti Tulenheimo - Finnish Cyclists' Federation
• How weather conditions influence travel behaviour. The case of a music festival in Werchter, Belgium. | Ward Ronse - Scelta Mobility

12.30-13.30 | Lunch break - Trajectum

13.30-15.00 | Focus session C

Room 2.1
P1 - What makes a city liveable? 
Smart neighborhoods fostering green mobility | Chair: Willy Raimund
• Sustainable Mobility in Urban Development | Gregor Wiltschko - Raum & Kommunikation
• Creating Liveable Neighbourhoods in London - a Transport Planner's perspective | Kevin Burke - Southwark Council
• Mobility starts at home - Innovative housing projects in Munich | Tobias Kipp - team red Deutschland
• Smart Block II Mobility management in existing neighbourhoods | Margarethe Staudner - komobile w7

Room 2.7/2.8
P2 - Cross-border travelling: towards seamless mobility and removing boundaries 
Towards seamless mobility and removing boundarie | Chair: Yannis Koliousis
• The "Pendlerfonds" of Basel-Stadt - cross-border solutions for the commuter traffic and ways to finance them | Antje Hammer - Canton of Basel-Stadt
• Cross-border public transport - best practice examples and future challenges in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine | Dominik Elsmann - Aachener Verkehrsverbund, Andreas Warnecke - Aachener Verkehrsverbund
• Crossing borders with regional co-operation: experiences from Helsinki region | Tapani Touru - Helsinki region transport
• Unsuccessful trial to integrate public transport in twin cities Nova Gorica and Gorizia | Matej Gabrovec - ZRC SAZU

Room 2.9/2.10
P4 - Smart collaboration - finding common interests  
Smart collaboration for logistics and people | Chair: Rob Schaap
• Why carpenters substitute the car with a bike | Jes Bak Soerensen - City of Aarhus Health Department 
• New mobility policy Maastricht UMC+: learning experiences and action plan for other large hospitals and care institutes | Rick Miltenburg - MUMC, Jos van Ommeren, VU
• Living Lab Wyck: smart collaboration in urban distribution | Françoise van den Broek - Maastricht Bereikbaar

Room 0.8
K3 - Behavioural insights: how rational are we? (20/20)
Specific users - sound bites | Chair: Jean-Paul Toonen
• Cycling with a baby: mobility management for young parents | Hannah Eberhardt - Verkehr mit Köpfchen
• Bring 'em (back) on bikes! The Regional School Bike Route Network and Planner App | Jens Vogel - ivm Region Frankfurt RheinMain, Stefanie Hartlep - ivm Region Frankfurt RheinMain
• Aiming high with Biklio, the cycle-to-shop app| João Bernardino - TIS
Promoting rural public transport use through active mobility consultancy | Lasse Brand - Rupprecht Consult
• Smart multimodal route-detection changing traffic behaviour | Ward Koopmans - CGI The Netherlands
• Test an E-Bike | Emma Liisberg - Gate 21

Room 2.11&2.14
C4 - Smart collaboration - finding common interests  
Measuring sustainable achievements - Chair: Ron Bissels
• Innovations in the SUMP process - different aspects from European countries | Robert Pressl - FGM-AMOR
• Sustainability as a drive in optimizing use in the future | Rick Lindeman - Rijkswaterstaat

14.00-15.00 | Press conference

15.00-15.15 | Coffee break - Trajectum

15.15-16.45 | Focus session D

Room 2.1
P1 - What makes a city liveable? 
Parking policy for a liveable city | Chair: Robert Pressl
• Stimulating public transport by tackling parking | Sebastiaan Dommeck - Maastricht Bereikbaar
• From car park to mobility hub a new way of making sustainable life easier? | Caroline Ljungberg - Trivector Traffic AB
• Parking and mobility behaviour: what do we know exactly? | Jorrit Nijhuis - Ministry of Infrastructure & Environment

Room 2.7/2.8
P3 - Behavioural insights: how rational are we? 

The peak hour and commuters | Chair: Kristina Gauce
• Setting up tools to spread peak demand in public transport - the case of Clermont-Ferrand | Sarah Moraillon - TTK
• Structural behavioural effects of our public transport stimulation project| Maartje van der Aa - Maastricht Bereikbaar
• Bike Companies | Adi Hirzer- Bike Citizens
• BiTiBi: bike-train-bike, seamless energy efficient from door to door | Bruno van Zeebroeck - TML

Room 2.9/2.10
P5 - Quo Vadis MaaS? Towards a smart mix of collective and individual services 
MAAS for leisure and visitors | Chair: Lucia Ileva
• The five essential element of chain bicycle mobilty | Hans Voerknecht - CROW-KpVV, Klaartje Arntzen - Rijkswaterstaat
• 10 years of mobility management for leisure time and tourism through klimaaktiv mobil - Trends and highlights | Christine Zehetgruber - komobile w7
• Balancing the mix - An innovative Mobility Alliance in the region of Aachen for citizens and visitors | Reyhaneh Farrokhikhiavi - Aachener Verkehrsverbund 

Room 0.8
K4 - Smart collaboration finding common interests(20/20)
Smart collaboration - sound bites | Chair: Jean-Paul Toonen
• Activating labour market organizations promote sustainable mobility| Milla Talja – Mobinet
• Innovative process with employers on fast cycling routes | Robbin Lankhuijzen - Ons Brabant Fietst
• District-Based Operational Mobility Management - Concept and First Evaluation Results | Thorsten Koska - Wuppertal Institut, Katharina Schmitt - University of Wuppertal
• Getting employers committed and activating employees to change their travel habits with the help of commuting calculator, experiments and certificates | Anna Ruskovaara - Helsinki Region Transport
• Uppsala municipality and 15 local organizations team-up to break new ground within Mobility Management | Teresa Uggla Kerrou - Uppsala municipality, Ingrid Lembke von Schéele - Uppsala municipality
• Frihamnen – the largest sustainable city district in Europe - The story of how this will be reality | Caroline Mattsson - Trivector Traffic 

Room 2.11&2.14
C5 - Quo Vadis MaaS? Towards a smart mix of collective and individual services  
Challenges for MAAS | Chair: Gustav Friis
• Mobility as a Service: Marketplace for Mobility | Niels Verduijn - VCCR Advies BV
• MaaS challenges identified by CIVITAS ECCENTRIC project | Stella Aaltonen - city of Turku

16.45-18.00 | Meet the locals tour - Trajectum

20.00-01.00 | Dinner + Party