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Programme Friday

 powerpoint presentations

 challenge sessions

09.00-14.30 | Exhibition open
09.00-10.30 | Plenary Session - Keynote and House of Commons Debate - Auditorium 2

Moderator | Simone van Trier

Keynote speech on Improving city transport by engineering the customer experience | Jo van Osem from Conduent

Conduent is the world’s largest provider of diversified business process services with leading capabilities in transaction processing, automation, analytics and constituent experience - it separated from Xerox at the beginning of 2017.

Jo Van Onsem is Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Global Public Transportation and Management Systems Group at Conduent. In this position, Jo Van Onsem has worldwide responsibility for Conduent’s portfolio concerning Mobility Solutions, Public Transport systems and Mobility as a Service.

The Global Public Transportation and Management Systems Group is involved with various cities and organisations that wish to improve and optimise their transportation infrastructure in order to create more liveable communities, by exploring innovation, technology and services.

In his speech Jo van Onsem will lay out Conduent’s vision for smart transit systems and traffic flows that get people where they need to be. How to create smarter city transportation and efficient solutions that please commuters and cities alike.

House of Commons Debate
House of Commons debate on the future of mobility such as shared mobility, self-driving cars and Mobility as a Service Mobility as a Service with participating students from the Breda University of Applied Sciences, University of Wuppertal and the University of Hasselt.

The House of Commons Debate will be led by Frits Bloemberg of the Debate Agency.
Frits Bloemberg studied Public Administration and History at Radboud University in Nijmegen. Like no other, he is able to assist organisations in improving the debate culture and empowerment of employees. Frits accompanied a special programme with members of Parliament and in 2012 he presented an international conference with former United Nations Secretary General, Kofi Annan as keynote speaker. Frits closely follows political developments and is unequivocally enjoying the many debates he annually leads and moderates.

10.30-11.00 | Coffee break - Trajectum

11.00-12.30 | Results & Recommendations Pressure Cooker Session - Room 0.9
Moderator | Ineke Spapé

What exactly have the students been ‘cooking’ on? In this session the mobility students will present their ideas and recommendations to the cities of Kassel,
Groningen, Rome and the Province of Limburg.

11.00-12.30 | Focus session E

Room 2.1
P1 - What makes a city liveable?   
Mobility management - reframed | Chair: Karl-Heinz Posch
• SUMP in Czech cities a compromise or a winning strategy? | Hana Bruhova Foltynova - Kolin Institute of Technology
• Mobility management as a permanent part of place branding / destination management? | Esther Saris - Maastricht Bereikbaar
• Connecting transport and health Promoting active mobility as a mean to improve liveable cities (PASTA) | Elisabeth Raser - BOKU, Vienna
 How to capture liveable spaces in Aarhus - (Or how to capture smiles) | Charlotte Kjaer Petersen - City of Aarhus, Mobility Department

Room 2.7/2.8
P3 - Behavioural insights: how rational are we?   

Guiding public transport users and cyclists | Chair: Tina Panian
• 65% fewer cars on the road at peak times thanks to Maastricht Bereikbaar in 2016 | Casper Stelling - MuConsult
• How to make FLEXIBILITY a Success | Liv Maria Stender - City of Aarhus Mobility Department
• On the move in the Maastricht area - Teaming up to make this happen | Lucien Groenhuijzen – Innovactory
• Encouraging children to cycle. STARS project in Krakow | Dariusz Niewitala - Municipality of Krakow

Room 2.9/2.10
P4 - Smart collaboration finding common interests 

Smart company collaboration II | Chair: Reinhard Jellinek
• Maastricht accessible thanks to the approach taken by employers | Ellen von Wintersdorff - Belastingdienst, Rob Schaap - Maastricht Bereikbaar
• Office on Wheels: commuting and working at the same time in a comfortable way | Freya De Muynck – Traject mobility management
• The search for synergy between urban development and mobility management | Loek Hellebrekers - NHTV

Room 0.8
P6 - Future mobility lab 

Approaches to future mobility solutions | Chair: Tytti Viinikainen
• ESPRIT - Easily diStributed Personal RapId Transit | William Rendall - Mobility consultant,Valery Cervantes - CEA,Robert  Stüssi - Mobility Consultant,Richard Mounce - Aberdeen University, Centre for Transport Research
• Connecting Mobility and Housing: Shaping a new product | Gregor Wiltschko - Raum & Kommunikation
• An efficient first and last mile integration to improve the city’s mobility offer | Stephanie Priou - Ubiquity Consulting
• Social community approach to traffic management | Ruud van den Dries - MAP Traffic Management

Room 2.11/2.14
C3 - Behavioural insights: how rational are we? 
To cyle or not to cycle - users as a challenge | Chair: Fred Dotter
 Changing travel behaviour and bike sharing systems for all two sides of one coin | Astrid Segert - Institute for Advanced Studies
• Profiling non-cyclists | Sofie Walschap - Bruxelles Mobilité, Frederik Depoortere - Bruxelles Mobilité

12.40-13.30 | Closing Session - Auditorium 2

• Outcomes of survey ECOMM 2017
• Wrap-up ECOMM conference 2017 | Odette van de Riet, Vice-president EPOMM
• Signing the Mobility Treaty on stage
• Announcing next ECOMM event location