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Arriva and nextbike

Monday 3 April 2017 marked the offi cial launch of Nextbike, the bicycle-sharing scheme introduced by Arriva in Maastricht. As of now, everyone can use the bicycles, which are available at seven locations throughout the city. The goal is to make 250 bicycles available at 25 locations throughout Maastricht over the next two years. Arriva Nextbike has a network of stations throughout Maastricht that offer shared bicycles for short trips and commutes. The bicycle-sharing scheme is available to everyone and both reinforces and complements Maastricht’s public transport system. Arriva entered into a partnership with Nextbike, a leading bicycle-sharing system that makes 40,000 bicycles available in 24 countries.

Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment
Around 2010 accessibility issues were becoming increasingly urgent. This is why the Dutch government committed to major investments in new roads; approximately 88
billion until 2028. However, especially around cities, limited space is available for new infrastructure. New ways were needed for optimising the use of existing roads. The
government realised this is not something it could do by itself. The Optimising Use programme of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment is organised as an
innovative collaboration. The programme has clear objectives and ambitions. It brings together regional and national governments and businesses, which work together to
achieve better accessibility in twelve regions. We welcome you to come to our Café and talk to us about how we executed the Optimising Use programme.


EPOMM - European Platform on Mobility Management
EPOMM is a network of governments in European countries that are engaged in Mobility Management (MM). They are represented by the Ministries that are responsible for MM in their countries. EPOMM is organised as an international non profi t organisation with seat in Leuven (BE).

Gemeente Maastricht (City of Maastricht) 
Maastricht is a historic, gastronomic city yet also knowledge based with a young international university and health campus attracting expats from all over the world. As municipality our mission is to create and keep a great living and working climate. Dealing with matters such as mobility means that we strive for solutions which fit the character of the city best. Therefore, infrastructural changes and area development go hand in hand to not only improve the accessibility of the city but also the liveability and sustainability of the city. For more information see

INEA - Innovation and Networks Executive Agency

Discover how the EU makes 'smart mobility' happen!
INEA is a Commission executive agency implementing EU funding programmes for transport, energy and telecommunications.
We manage the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) and parts of the Horizon 2020 Programmes, ensuring the funding of more than 1,300 transport projects for €25.3 billion in the 2014-2020 period. These projects cover the whole innovation cycle from the idea to the market.
If you are interested in participating in our programmes, working as an expert evaluator or hearing more about INEA, please visit us at our booth.


Innovactory introduces its TimesUpp App in more and more countries across Europe. Our smart travel assistant is being used to plan, pick, execute and even pay your travel. Our users experience a seamless travel; reach their goal smartly and on time. Our customers experience improved, demonstrable accessibility of their cities.

Maastricht Bereikbaar (Accessible Maastricht) 
Joining forces for smart accessibility. That is what Maastricht Bereikbaar (Acccessible Maastricht) is all about. We are a collaborative effort by government institutions, the business community, and transporters. Together, we work on keeping Maastricht and the South Limburg accessible by providing smart alternatives to travelling by car during rush hour. Through more than 20 projects we encourage the use of e-bikes, bicycles, public transport, working smart and smart parking. In addition to promotional offers for commuters, we are also focusing on visitors, students, and the logistics sector. More information via or visit us at exhibition stand during the ECOMM 2017!


Mobiel 21
PING if you care! is a campaign giving cyclists the opportunity to engage directly with governments to increase safe cycling in the city. The campaign is organised by Mobiel 21, a leading NGO in sustainable mobility and behavioural change, and Bike Citizens, a leader on cycling promotion and app technology.

Polis Network

Polis Network promotes innovation for sustainable urban transport solutions. It is partner in several European research projects, supported by the European Commission, participating in ECOMM: CIMEC (C-ITS systems), CREATE (decoupling car use from economic growth), NOVELOG (guidance for city logistics), REFORM (deployment of SUMPs), TRACE (walking and cycling tracking services).

Provincie Limburg (Province of Limburg)

Limitless potential in the Limburg Euregion: leading the way to a smarter tomorrow
Together with local and regional government authorities, companies and residents, we are investing in a future-proof, affordable, cleaner and smarter mobility system - for our residents, for our travellers and for our visitors.
In this way, we can combine different means of transport to create an accessible city, improving the digital infrastructure and creating fast bike routes as a healthy and eco-friendly alternative. And the highly developed logistics sector can enjoy an additional boost along the way, with extra rail and water connections.
Aptly appropriate for our Euregion: cross-community and cross-border.

Want to learn more about our plans? 
Visit our stand at ECOMM 2017!


… place the Local Elected Official at the centre of Municipality Development, A structure at the service of the Mayor and its Municipal council on research of International Decentralise Cooperation and to meet the requirements of sustainable development and above all to think of a council in which it is good to live.